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25.06.2010 the boys are back in town

 10pm  - BC-Club Ilmenau





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New Year - New Stuff
Samstag, 10 Januar 2009

At the moment the Rangers are working on new songs for their 2nd all-killer-no-filler album. For that very reason we're forced to stay in our rehearsal room and leave the worlds' stages empty...

Unsigned but hopeful
Dienstag, 09 Dezember 2008

The Delta Rangers had been chosen for the Newcomer Section "unexplored" of Germanys Top Indie and Alternative Magazine Visions.

Thanks for the honour and stay tuned for new Ranger stuff.

Cheers maid: The Grammy's over
Mittwoch, 05 November 2008

we thank you all boys and girls for your support at the "Thüringen Grammy" in Erfurt on October the 24th. It was a fantastic night, a fantastic crowd and of course a fantastic moment on stage. We had lots of fun and the judge, well lets say, on our site ;-) 

So thanks to them and to the fans for voting us on 3rd rank in this contest, and a salute to the winners "Acid Stereo"


October is all about the Thüringen Grammy
Freitag, 26 September 2008

It goes around the sausage! We are in the final live competition of the biggest Grammy outside England - the Thüringen Grammy! Thank you to everyone who supported us, voted for us and prayed for us in the last 3 weeks. We hope everyone will show up in Erfurt Thüringenhalle on october the 24th. 

Sincerely Your Grammy Nominees

Another town another trophee
Samstag, 06 September 2008

What a crazy saturday. We had to play at noon, the sun was shining, all the other competitors were metal or death metal grave diggers, the audience full of long-haired, right out of the metal labatory coming guys, maybe two girls in between them. Every one of us showed up too late after having trouble to find the right train or autobahn to Osnabrück. Where the fuck is Osnabrück anyway? Nevertheless, after having released a couple of kilos on the toilet the whole rangerteam were ready to rock their socks off and so we did. The Jury seemed to be so impressed by our appearance that they awarded us with the seocond price. Three-chord music without light speed solos, that was somehting they hadn´t heard to that point of the day. We were happy, but still we could not pay off the traintickets with our money. Whatever! Motorhead first started to make money after they had produced 7 Albums.

osnabruck trophee

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